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Woo hoo post #1!

Hello... Hello--is this thing on?

Well let's give it a run shall we. I've discovered today that I'm like the biggest kid ever in certain capacities. I have friends and colleagues who watch nothing but the news and the history channel and with each passing day I'm adding yet another cartoon on my tivo list.

Just this weekend I added the Avengers, Young Justice and reruns of Avatar: The Last Airbender. And I store absolutely all my episodes of Naruto Shippuden(no matter how many times my tivo threatens me with that bloody exclamation point to even erase 1 episode--DAMN THAT EXCLAMATION POINT!!!)even though I know I'll get the DVD collection.

If movies like WALL-E or the Incredibles or Up come on I'm all over it like it's brand new getting choked up when WALL-E almost dies and when Carl is all alone after Ellie dies. You gotta love 'em. Like I said biggest mush ball kid ever.